How We Support your Organization

No time to package and ship products? This is often the downfall of sales fundraisers. After all, your nonprofit is not an apparel company, right? While an online store can raise money for your organization and help you spread the word, it should not take away valuable internal resources from your mission. No problem!

Support A Cause offers a platform that will offer design, branded collection pages for your non-profit, and automated fulfillment with on demand printing.   This means that Support A Cause produces your previously designed items only after they are ordered online. No need for guesswork or printing extras draining from your budget and leaving you products, not moving. We design your products or use your designs and print them only once they are ordered. Once the product is ordered we ship the product directly to your supporters anywhere in the country.  Your organization sets your product rate above the cost to ensure you always make a profit. Once your organization has at least $50.00 owed, Support A Cause, will deposit your proceeds into your pay pal account to Zella or account of preference. Support A Cause is a for profit business that gives back the non- profit entities and companies they work with a percentage of the sales collected of the website.  

What Types of Merchandise Sales & Sales Fundraisers Can Nonprofits Do Online?

For the most part, nonprofit organizations that sell products for the supporting the nonprofit mission should have no problem, if the proceeds from such sales are categorized appropriately when filing taxes. However, be sure to discuss your plans with the nonprofit accountant or CFO to assure that the storefront activity is operating according to 501(c)3 standards. Read our blog on how to generate nonprofit merchandise sales.

Popular products for merchandise sales include:

  • Apparel – T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, socks, hats, caps and more
  • Coffee mugs – Stainless steel travel mugs and ceramic, branded mugs
  • Key chains
  • Bags – Branded bags and carry
  • Fundraising Raffle tickets
  • Discount cards, scratch cards or discount books
  • Signature golf items – golf balls, golf polo shirts, etc.
  • Gourmet coffee
  • Candy bars and chocolates
  • Candles
  • Gifts
  • Jewelry
  • Books or educational pamphlets
  • Holiday gift wrap
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Products that support or inform about your organization’s mission

  Who Uses Online Stores for Nonprofits for Sales Fundraisers?

There are so many types of organizations that can benefit from sales fundraisers via an online merchandise store.

  • Educational Institutions – Public schools, Private schools, PTO & PTA groups
  • Hospitals
  • Nonprofit foundations
  • Churches, synagogues, meditation centers and communities of faith
  • Advocacy groups
  • Animal shelters
  • Government organizations
  • Civic organizations – Kiwanis, Key Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Club and more
  • And all types of nonprofits!