Support A Cause is a concept that was brought to life by Coast 2 Coast Printing & Marketing LLC, after talking to and working with non-profit organizations, organizations looking to raise funds, meet-ups and community clubs,  that did not have the resources to continually invest into inventory and product. We wanted to help the community to reach their fundraising goals with a partnership that made sense, with a company they could trust. 

Renee Smith-Brodeur, founding partner, has been actively involved with nonprofits and community organizations her entire life. Renee believes that it is the duty of every successful business to give back into the community not only with resources but of time.  Renee has over twenty years of experience as a hospitality professional working from 5-star restaurants to theme parks and hotels in every position imaginable. Renee was kind of born into the industry, being an entertainer’s daughter and being in the public since birth. More than just a marketing visionary, Renee is a professional problem solver who is always exploring ways to adapt campaigns to maximize their impact. She always strives hard to keep superior Customer Service in the forefront of everything that the company does. Renee believes that passion, creativity, efficiency is especially important in everything that she does. She is an expert at reading people and situations. She is a true leader and has held many leadership roles from high school into her adult career. She currently serves as a board member of the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce, a VP in the Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce, and a VP of PR for a local toastmaster’s group. Her focus is giving back to the community thru working with Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada and various Veterans organizations.

Charley Jones, founding partner, is a software developer, data architect and project manager and brings his analytical skills to every project. Charley, AKA Data man, is equally enthusiastic when it comes to giving back to community.  He is the founder of three long running user groups in the Las Vegas Area:  Sql Server Society of Las Vegas, Las Vegas XNA Users Group, and SynShop The Las Vegas Hackerspace (SynShoop.ORG).  He's been a member of the board of directors for SynShop and the Las Vegas Chapter of Project Management International (PMI.Org).  Power is knowledge shared.

With the kick-off of this E-Commerce commencing during Covid-19, the partners, hope that their project of love helps nonprofit organizations nationwide bring in much needed revenue and gives their supporters an outlet to support American small business.